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Welcome to Matthew J. Scott Property Investments

Matthew J. Scott Property Investments brings together all the skills and experience you’ll need to invest in sound, profitable income properties. He has made gains on dozens of investments and is always looking to do more, whether it’s flipping houses, buying off-market properties, or helping clients build meaningful wealth with financial advice. Matthew’s construction and property management experience has given him the skills needed to succeed in venture properties. Whether you’re looking to add some money to your nest egg or want to achieve a more immediate financial goal, Matthew J. Scott can show you how motivation, experience, and integrity can get it done!

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We Buy Off-Market Properties

Are you looking to save money on broker or agent fees by selling off-market? The Matthew J. Scott team is always looking to purchase pocket listings that aren’t on multiple listing services (MLS) used by real estate agents. We can help you move a property, preventing you from having to advertise and do hours of legwork while getting you the best possible deal. You can use off-market listings to your financial advantage, and we can help!

Flip a House Or Property With Us

House flipping offers investors an opportunity to make a wide profit. Matthew J. Scott can help clients choose a property to flip, get it on the market in a short period of time, and get the most out of their investment. Matthew Scott has the experience and track record to help many people succeed in the house-flipping game.

Build Meaningful Wealth

Purchasing investment real estate should build meaningful wealth for you. This means getting the highest profits for the money put into it, but even small mistakes can impact a bottom line. Matthew Scott’s income property strategies include both financial and renovation advice and services, giving everyone the best opportunities to invest in long-term sources of income!

Private Sale Homes & Real Estate

Private real estate sales can help you make the most out of your income properties. Paying out fees to agents and brokers can eat into your profits, but you can go the for-sale-by-owner route and put more money into your pockets. You have what it takes to seal the deal and sell your property solo - let Matthew Scott show you how!

Who We Are

Matthew J. Scott Property Investments work on every aspect of income properties. Every service comes from deep knowledge and hands-on experience. Matthew paid his dues working in construction and project management in Fort McMurray, Alberta, but he never forgot where he came from. The investment services were learned from Matthew’s financial planner father, who gave him a system that helped Matthew save money and make gains on 50 property ventures. Now, he’s working to help other people in the London area make venture properties work for them. Everyone should feel the independence that comes with hard work and good property investments, and Matthew Scott can explain how!

Our Superior Investment Strategy

All great property investments start with the right strategy. Our approach is designed to help investors make the right moves for our specific real estate market. This way, we can help our clients build capital and reduce wasteful mistakes that hurt profits. Confidently invest in income properties and build towards financial goals with Matthew Scott’s investment strategy.

Schedule an Investment Consultation

Have you been on the outside looking to get into income properties for a long time? Are you looking to make financial moves for savings and retirement, even though you haven’t considered the world of real estate? Schedule a one-on-one consultation with the Matthew J. Scott Property Investments team. We can show you how house flipping, income properties, off-market sales, and our specific financial services can put your money or equity to work. Property development and investment is hard work, but Matthew Scott makes it a rewarding business experience!

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