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Working with a real estate investor can provide many benefits to real estate agents. MJS Properties is hosting a live webinar to explain how agents can attract more clients, close deals faster and easier, and earn more money in addition to easy solutions for difficult properties.

Join us in January

to learn the answers to these questions

Why partner with real estate investors?
What are typical scenarios for a partnership?
Who does what?
How does the partnership work?
What makes MJS Properties Different?

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Attendees could win amazing prizes too!

You’ll meet an agent who has successfully partnered with MJS Properties and hear how he benefits personally by working with a real estate investor. He will share examples of previous deals and help clarify many misconceptions about working with investors.

You will also meet a special guest who will share digital marketing tips for real estate agents. Plus there are amazing prizes available to be won for those attending the live event.

What does a partnership between an agent and a successful real estate investor entail?

An investor or investment group buy and sell an investment property for a return. They may keep it for a short term while making improvements then resell for a profit. Or, they may incorporate an element of property management and maintain it as a rental property for the long term. If the cap rate is favourable, it can contribute to cash flow for other real estate market ventures. Investment strategies can apply to residential or commercial real estate.

Agent Goal

Make a commission to compensate them for their hard work and invest in growing their business.

Homeowner Goal

Keep the most equity as possible from the property they are selling.

Investor Goal

Make a return on their investment.

Agents working with a real estate investor have the ability to facilitate all these goals with less time and effort for all involved. Homeowners pass the time, money and hassle to prepare a home for the market on to the investor. Agents make their commission on a quick and easy sale. The Investor doesn’t need to waste time looking for properties when the agent brings them to him.

Join us in January to learn more and hear about real examples of successful partnerships. This could be exactly what you need to take your real estate career to the next level! Plus you’ll have a chance to win amazing prizes!

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