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Yes, you can absolutely sell a house without making repairs. The question isn’t really can you but more like “for how much.” Of course, the answer to that is the dreaded “it depends.” It depends on what type of repairs the home needs, and it depends on what the prospective buyer values.

Sell for the most but spend the least is the magic formula

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Repairs to your home can be inconvenient and expensive. It is important to evaluate what you will put into the home before putting it up for sale compared to what you will end up with after deducting all your expenses. It makes sense that home buyers are more attracted to beautiful homes that are ready to move in. Not everyone can see past rough edges to envision the potential an older home might have. But what repairs and renovations are worth it, and which are bordering on a waste of time and money that you won’t recoup?

Stay focused on minor changes if you insist on earning top dollar and willing to invest some time and money. Leave large renovations to the next homeowner. They can incorporate their taste and priorities into the projects themselves instead of potentially redoing all your hard work.

If you need help to figure out which areas of your home need attention and what is better left for the buyer, MJS Properties can help. Call us for free advice. We are happy to help!

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What if the home is in a state of disrepair?

Sometimes you can’t sell a house without making repairs

The condition of a home demands attention. Examples include damaged and even condemned homes that are unsafe and therefore make it difficult to finance and insure. To restore the home to livable conditions, renovations must happen. Here, your best bet is to involve a professional to avoid costly errors and unrewarded investment of time and money.

MJS Properties can help with damaged or condemned homes. Our experience and knowledge go a long way. We can offer advice for what the home requires and what it might cost. If the project is too much for you, selling as-is might be the ideal solution.

Room in complete disrepair with no wall or floor coverings, broken bathtub, wood and doors leaning against wall, exposed pipe. Tools sitting on a chair and floor awaiting repairs.

Restoration vs. Renovation. What’s the difference?

Peeling old fashioned wallpaper over old wall boards

Restoration is returning a property to its original condition. This is typically a job for older properties, though it’s not limited to century homes. You can also restore mid-century and craftsman homes to their initial appearance. Restoration projects, if done accurately, return the home to the standards of its original era and can be very meaningful. Think older wooden features like flooring, cabinetry, and stairs. The cosmetics should appear original. But you can update the heating, cooling, and electrical systems which makes the overall home safer, more comfortable, and easier for the homeowner to enjoy.

The restoration process can take some research and elbow grease, but these jobs aren’t as big as a full remodel or a renovation. You can even restore around the “quirkier” aspects of the old home, like uneven flooring or older vent covers.

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Restoration isn’t as intensive

This type of project often uses fewer resources and effort and could even be cheaper. Restoration is returning the home to an original condition. Some examples include:

  • Refinishing hardwood floors to their original shape or colour
  • Removing old carpet
  • Repairing holes in walls
  • Restoring cabinetry, banisters, and other carpentry to their original condition
  • Repairing or replacing windows and doors
  • Finding original or replica versions of the small parts such as doorknobs or cabinet handles
Word Renovation over image of room ready to be painted with ladder, tools, garbage can, pieces of drywall, metal framing materials

You can take many more liberties with renovations

In comparison, renovations repair or replace materials and fixtures with new ones that don’t need to be from the same era. In the same category are remodels, which change an entire building or room. Results could pay homage to, but not necessarily replicate, the home’s existing style. Or it could be something contemporary and completely new. The sky is the limit when you can gut an entire house or room and make it your own vision. Examples of renovations and remodels include:

  • Expanding square footage
  • Gutting, removing, or adding walls and changing the layout
  • Increasing ceiling height
  • Adding plumbing or heating  and cooling improvements

MJS Properties Has the Experience

It is obvious from the variety of case studies that MJS Properties is skilled at home renovation and remodelling; breathing new life into a house to make it a home for the next owner. When sellers decide to sell a house without making repairs and leave the to-do list to MJS Properties, Matt prides himself on leaving a little of the original character of each home as a nod to the original story.

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Did you know Matt has experience with restoration?

Matt worked for a restoration company where he learned a lot about the care and consideration of details that are required when dealing with older structures and building materials. He also became very familiar with what it takes to resolve issues caused by fire and water damage.

Restoring homes to their original appearance is an art

Restoration is not a simple process. Materials can be hard to find, which are needed to restore certain aspects of the home to their original appearance. As well, older foundations and attics can be full of surprises, meaning unexpected costs that can take you – and the budget – off-guard. While historic houses have their unique difficulties, they also present advantages like honouring heritage and the people you meet along the journey.

Restoration after damage requires knowledge

When a fire or flood damages a home, it affects multiple layers of the home both cosmetically and functionally.  It is extremely important to address what is below the surface to prevent problems down the road.  It’s not just about making it pretty again.

Matt Scott wearing blue coveralls holding green construction hard hat on his hip
We can help – our advice is absolutely free

Have a heritage home that needs the right skills and experience to respect its history? Need to sell a home that needs proper repairs after water or fire damage? You can rely on Matthew Scott to do things right.

Can’t decide whether you should sell a house without making repairs or what repairs are even necessary? Reach out to Matt for advice and he will be happy to answer your questions and share his expertise so you can make the best decision for your situation.