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Every House

Has a Story to Tell

MJS Properties is privileged to help many homeowners overcome their real estate challenges. We are proud to share examples of our work. These success stories showcase some of the challenges our clients faced and overcame.

These case studies are all thanks to the choices we offered and solutions we provided when asked “how to sell my house as-is.”  We can help you too.

We care about helping others in tough situations and pride ourselves on being different from other “buy houses fast for cash” private home buyers. Matt loves what he does and does it well. You can tell he is passionate about each person’s story and is committed to doing all that he can to help them.

Follow along Matt’s adventures buying a house in Ontario as is for cash.

MJS Properties Helps in Many Different Situations

Some homeowners were distressed and needed to sell fast due to financial problems. Others inherited homes that required way more work than they could do themselves. We have helped people overwhelmed with contents, who had to move long distances, and those who needed to give their fixer upper a complete modern facelift.

As a cash buyer, Matt has tackled projects to bring abandoned, condemned homes back to life and rescued homeowners facing significantly damaged homes. MJS Properties is the answer when you fear a home inspection. He is sensitive and compassionate, helping those who are struggling through grief or divorce. And he can manage smooth transitions for tenants when it’s time to sell an investment property.

Compassion, Integrity and Fairness are Critical

Whatever situation a homeowner is dealing with, Matt greets them with kindness and empathy. That’s what makes him different. Because he’s struggled himself, he truly cares and wants to take the stress away when its time to sell your home. Also important to Matt is integrity. He insists on educating potential clients about the value of their homes in comparison to what’s on the market in their neighbourhood.

His advice on home improvement needs for the house to compete and what it would cost is honest. The cash sale price he offers removes all the work from the homeowner to prepare a home for sale is fair. MJS Properties is not out to take advantage of those in difficult situations.  We have heard horror stories about other prospective buyers too. In fact, it’s just the opposite. When Matt is buying a house in Ontario, he wants to save them.

What Do You
Mean By Selling A
Home “As-Is”

Read Our Examples

What Does Selling A Home “As Is” Mean?

To sell a house “as-is” means you sell it just the way it is. There will be no additional work like repairs or cleaning made before closing and these terms are clarified in the purchase agreement. However, this doesn’t mean the seller can hide known defects from the purchaser that could make the home dangerous to live in. If flaws are obvious, such as cracks, broken stairs, or missing items, it isn’t necessary to disclose them. In other words, buyers should be able to see these defects when viewing the home for themselves. In contrast, if the problems aren’t visible and you are aware of them, you must disclose them to potential buyers. For example, if the basement floods, there are structural issues, the roof leaks, you have mold or asbestos, or you know of a significant plumbing or electrical problem, you must make these issues known.

What Kind of Houses Are We Looking for?

If you are one of the many home sellers who have a property that just needs some paint and a little TLC for the flooring to achieve the high list price you are dreaming of, you may be better to list your home on the multiple listing service (MLS). Potential buyers will be attracted to your home without a lot of work required to fix up your home. A traditional real estate transaction can be achieved by hiring an agent or going the for sale by owner route depending on your budget and time constraints.

But, if you have a more unique situation where your home needs significant repairs, that is MJS Properties’ specialty!
We purchase properties that need more work through private home sales just the way they are

Pros and Cons of Selling “As-Is”


  • Repairs aren’t necessary so you can save time and money.
  • There is no stress involved that typically comes with listing your home on the market.
  • You can sell quickly if stressful situations make it necessary


  • “As-is” may come with negative perceptions.
  • Some buyers will try to offer less than what the home is worth even in its current condition.
  •  Fewer buyers are attracted to your home.

Feel Confident in your choices with MJS Properties

When you invite Matt to view your property, you can be assured he will share his experience and knowledge. He knows the market and can discuss pricing for both as-is condition and after improvements have been made. You will get honest opinions about what is required to prepare the home to sell and the choices you have without judgement. If his offer isn’t what you are looking for, he is a great resource to discuss the alternatives available. It’s worth a conversation.

Case Studies Showcasing the Circumstances, Plans, and Stunning HGTV Worthy Results

Come back often to read about new projects as we continuously improve how we can help and how we tell the stories.

PROJECT FEATURES LISTED: easy solution to overwhelming contents, completed only necessary upgrades, left fancy finishes to save money

Quick Sale Property Buyers Here to Help


Stunning Turnkey Investment Property Transformation

Case study overlay listing solutions: saved from demolition, fixed decade-old issues, uncovered & repaired hidden hazards

We Buy Houses No One Else Wants

Affordable Starter Home Help Struggling Shoppers

Mental Health Issues Make Selling a House Challenging

Learn From Our House Flipping Mistakes

Off Market Wholesale Buy, Struggling Homeowner, No furnace, water, electrical. Restoration expertise required

Off Market Wholesale Buy of a Distressed Home

Home sale as is. Property in poor condition being sold after having bad tenants

Privately Sell a Rental Property

Property owners over their head in renovations, sold as is to reduce family tensions.

Sell a House Unsafe to Live In

Condemned property estate sale. House in terrible condition sold as-is for a complete renovation

Selling Inherited House That Needs Repairs

Abandoned property with exposed trusses ready for a complete rebuild. Sold as-is and renovated beautifully

Sell an Abandoned House

Hoarding house nightmare, overwhelming packed with stuff and extremely dirty. Sold as-is, fully repaired and remodelled into an amazing new home.

Selling a Hoarder House In Ontario

Serving Urban and Rural Communities Across Southwestern Ontario

Matt continues to share his knowledge and vision for transforming homes and helping others across Southwestern Ontario. He has embraced projects within London and is excited about discovering new towns and villages as his reach expands. New locations mean new business contacts, partners, and friends. It also means a lot of new places to eat! So look for MJS Properties in a community near you. We look forward to helping more people in more places soon.

There are countless reasons why
people have to sell.