Years Of Property Investment

When it comes to property development and investment, knowledge is power. The best way to gauge knowledge is with experience, and Matt Scott’s property investment services are backed by years of real-world experience and a proven record of success. He is an accomplished investor who has made gains on over 50 real estate investments to date, and he’s ready to help you replicate this success.

Matthew doesn’t just have a strong track record financially - he has hands-on experience in construction and project management. This has given him an intimate understanding of the numbers behind the costs of both construction and real estate, including: 

  • • Closing costs
  • • Legal and contract costs
  • • Renovation costs
  • • Local tax laws
  • • Savings you can make through the off-market sale of your home

With his knowledge at your disposal, you can crunch the numbers to an exact figure without hidden surprises. It’s incredibly useful to have someone on your side who doesn’t just understand the whys of restorations and renovations, but the hows, too.


Make The Most Of Matt’s Property Investment Experience

When you put your money into properties, the intent is to turn a profit from the rental, lease, or sale of the home. Depending on the circumstances, you probably want to make your gains as quickly as possible. However, first-time property investors can lose valuable time and money dealing with unnecessary pitfalls and the effects of poorly-made decisions. 


Have the best strategy before making any investments by turning to Matthew Scott. Matthew can answer all your questions related to reporting your profits (also known as capital gains) from the sale of not just investment property, but also of the personal-use property in which you live or vacation.

Personal Experience, Personal Services

There’s no substituting personal experience with learning from a book or advice website. Even if you spend hours and hours doing research with the biggest names in investment property services, no one tool or piece of advice is going to be adapted for your specific situation. That’s why Matthew Scott’s guidance on property development and investment is crucial to your success!

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You can ask a search engine if the potential risk on a property outweighs the reward, but you’re just going to get general advice from people who may not even be in the country, let alone London. Matthew has the right knowledge and expertise to show you what works, what might not work, and what you - not a nameless, faceless, average property investor, but you - can do to make it work.

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