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Cash house buyer reviews can be helpful when deciding if or who you wish to sell your house privately. Selling your home for cash can be stress-free, save time and money. But it’s important to select the right buyer. We can help you with your research by sharing what should you look for if you want someone to buy your house fast. Plus, what red flags you should be aware of.

What should you look for in Cash House Buyer Reviews?

Matt Scott wearing blue coveralls holding green construction hard hat on his hip

Qualifications and Experience

A reputable cash house buyer will have knowledge of the market to understand what homes you are competing with. This helps to determine the true value of your home both in its current condition and after they complete any upgrades.

When the buyer is skilled at transforming homes, they provide solid advice about what you need to do to your home to compete. And they can harness the hidden value in the home that allows them to offer a higher price.


Make sure you ask for references. If the buyer truly does care about helping others, they will provide authentic examples of how they achieved this in the past. You must take cash house buyer reviews on Google or Facebook with a grain of salt. Those platforms do not fact-check the information that is shared.


When considering accepting a cash offer, ensure they have the funds available within the timeframe agreed on for the closing date. Don’t be afraid to ask where their money is coming from.

Many cash buyers rely on selling on assignment. Some will make an offer and hope to find a secondary buyer to sell to at a higher price to cover their purchase. But an investment firm that specializes in buying houses for cash should have funds available, so the deal closes on time.


It is imperative that the offer outlines every bit of information about the deal. The buyer should disclose all deductions, commissions or fees, penalties, etc. You should know the final number for the money you will keep.

Legal Team

Just because you choose to sell privately without a real estate agent doesn’t mean a lawyer isn’t necessary. To ensure the deal closes properly, and paperwork is completed correctly and on time, you should each have a lawyer review the contract and complete the deal upon closing.

Matt Scott sitting at the table of a newly renovated home ready to provide advice to prospective home sellers

What red flags should you be cautious about?

If you meet with a cash house buyer committing any of these practices, think twice.

These are unethical methods and give the others in our industry a bad name:

  • Using non-standard contracts full of confusing jargon
  • Suggesting not to use a lawyer
  • Pressuring you for deal
  • Making a verbal offer that differs from what’s presented on paper
  • Ignoring your needs
  • Asking for money
  • Delaying the process for using stall tactics

What others say about us

MJS Properties specializes in helping homeowners. It is important to us that everyone we work with believes they are better off than they were before we met. We are investors and problem solvers who can buy houses in any condition.

That might mean we provided helpful information. It could mean we provided a solution they didn’t think of before. We have helped many homeowners out of stressful situations, including debt, divorce settlements, and selling their home after losing a loved one.

Fixers Not Flippers

Others we work with know us for seeing value in a home that others cannot. Looking past the mess or damage, we see the potential and look forward to transforming each property into a home the next owners will love.

Check out some of our stories

It’s important to us that our clients have a positive experience. Here are just a few examples of what others say about us:

You have done so much for our neighbourhood. The house was quite an eyesore before. We were thinking of selling our house but were afraid of what potential buyers would think of this house next door. Now I’m not sure we even want to move. I love our new neighbours.

London, ON

Thank you for making our move out of province possible. I wasn’t sure what we were going to do because we had so much stuff! Knowing you were going to take care of the leaky basement and rest of the things we couldn’t take with us was a relief. And having the extra time before the closing date to find our new home was very helpful.

Dorchester, ON

We had good intentions when we started the renovations but we kind of got over our heads not really understanding all the permits that were required. When we learned they condemned the house I wasn’t sure what we were going to do. We are so grateful for you taking it off our hands to finish what we started and giving us a fair price so its wasn’t a total loss.

London, ON

Are you curious about working with a real estate solutions and investment firm that cares?

Reach out to share a bit of information about your property or call us to schedule an appointment. We are proud and capable of helping homeowners get rid of the weight resting on their shoulders. Confidently choose a stress-free solution with MJS Properties.

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