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We help you take any situation and make it easy.

We are certain you won’t be disappointed when you contact MJS Properties about selling a house privately. No matter what the condition of your home is in, no matter what challenge you are facing, we are here to help.  Save time, money and headaches. You don’t need to clean, make repairs, or complete renovations to upgrade your property to attract buyers.

Don’t pay commissions or worry about covering expenses on two homes while you wait for a closing date. No staging or open houses.

No pressure or obligation. Take what you want and leave what you don’t. It really is that simple and you can be assured you are dealing with someone who truly cares about what you’re facing.

You Have Questions About Selling Your House Privately. We Have Answers!

What if I have more questions but I can’t find the answers here?

Answering your questions is our primary service. And it’s absolutely free of charge! Leaving you with more information that you started with remains our goal so give us a call at 519-914-0413 or send us a message.

Reach Out Today

What is the process to sell my house fast for cash?

It’s really easy. Reach out and share some information about your home and your situation so we can determine the best way to help. We will schedule a time to visit to see your home and answer any questions you have. Then we will make a cash offer. If you accept, you choose a closing date, and we fill out an agreement and send it to the lawyers who take care of the rest.


What happens if I change my mind after we agree to meet?

There is no obligation to sell your home. The primary purpose of the meeting is to exchange information. We want to know more about your house, and you probably have more questions you prefer to ask one on one. If you don’t like our offer or feel uncomfortable for any reason, you can decline for any reason.

What if I’m not ready to sell yet? I just want some information.

We are happy to schedule a meeting, have a look at your home and provide you with a fair, no-obligation offer. We can even do this virtually if it makes you more comfortable.

It’s a big decision. There is no pressure or judgement at all. If you do decide to sell, we would be happy to help you whenever you are ready.

What kind of houses do you buy for cash?

We can buy a house for cash in any condition. But we specialize in solving problems. Some of the more common types of houses we consider include:

  • Condemned properties and abandoned houses
  • Serious structural damage or foundation problems
  • Plumbing and electrical problems
  • Water damage
  • Hoarding situations or just don’t want to clean and pack the contents
  • Significantly outdated homes
  • Financial challenges
  • Emotional issues like after a death or divorce
  • Health issues require people to move or downsize
  • Employment relocation
  • Problem tenants
  • “As Is” without the usual work involved to list your house on the market


The types of properties we buy include single-family homes, townhouses, condo units, multi-family units, investment portfolios, and vacant land. Anything!

What does “as-is” really mean?

When you sell a house “as-is”, it is sold in its current condition. You aren’t required to make any changes, upgrades, repairs, or even clean it.


What does off market real estate mean?

This is just another way of describing selling your home for cash privately.

Are you a real estate agent?

No. We are not real estate agents or brokers. We are investors. We do not list properties or help you sell yours. We want to buy your property and pay you a fair price without conditions and we don’t charge commission or realtor fees.


Won’t I get more if I sell with a real estate agent?

Our fair, no obligation cash offer will be less than the retail price if you were to list it on the market. Selling your house with the help of a real estate agent may result in a higher price but you may not be ahead at the end of the day.  Selling privately saves you time, money, and hassles.

How much do real estate agents make?

The cost of selling a house goes beyond just commission and fees. Real estate agents typically charge a percentage of the sale price as their commission. This may include certain services they provide for selling the home or additional fees may be charged separately.

The seller usually pays a commission to both the selling agent they hired and also to the buyer’s agent who represents the people purchasing the home. The average commission rate in Ontario is 5% which is split between the buying and selling agents. These rates can be negotiated as well as what is included in exchange for those fees.

What’s the difference between selling privately for cash and “FSBO”?

The major difference is the amount of work required by the seller. “FSBO” or For Sale By Owner removes the real estate agent and commission from the equation but not all the work required to prepare your home for sale. Selling privately for cash usually means selling as-is without the work of cleaning, repairing, staging, and showing the home.


What am I saving by selling my house privately?

By not listing your home, you save money. You don’t have to pay a real estate agent’s commission, listing fees, storage fees, inspection fees, photography fees, or other closing fees. You save time and money because you don’t need to clean, repair, or even stage your home for others to look at it.

You save the hassle and time it takes for people to view your home and go back and forth negotiating offers, conditions and closing dates. On top of that, there is always a risk of the sale falling through if it doesn’t meet the inspection or your buyer can’t secure financing.

Leave the headaches to us.  Reach out and we can view your home to provide an idea of the kind of work and time you need to invest to get your home market-ready compared to what you could walk away with within a matter of days – cash in hand.

What other fees do I need to pay?

The beauty of selling your house privately is that we customize an all-inclusive offer that includes all expenses.  No commission, no closing costs, no additional fees.

While there will be legal fees, we can include those in our offer if you like. Need help packing, making moving arrangements, and covering disposal costs? We can take care of all that when we determine our offer and what it will include.

Is selling your home for cash legal?

This is not a scam.  You will be offered a fair, no-obligation offer that takes into consideration what expenses we need to pay to cover lending costs and bring your home to market in a new and improved condition.

Selling your house privately is absolutely legal.  You do not require an agent.  We use a standard agreement of purchase and sale and lawyers will transfer keys and funds upon closing.


Do I need a lawyer to sell my house privately?

When you sell your home in Ontario, only a lawyer can transfer the title. So, yes, even when selling privately, you need a lawyer. If you have your own professional contact to represent you as the seller, great.  You can utilize their services.

If you don’t, you can google one or MJS Properties can recommend one of many professionals we have worked with in the past to represent you.  We can even include the cost of legal fees in your cash offer.

I’ve never sold a house before. What paperwork is involved?

We use a standard “Agreement of Purchase and Sale” used by real estate professionals throughout Ontario. It is a contract between the buyer and seller for the purchase of a particular property.

It is several pages and summarizes what is being agreed to like price, any conditions, what exactly is being included or excluded, closing date, etc.

Real Estate lawyers are familiar with these documents and we encourage you to have your lawyer review it prior to signing so everyone feels secure and comfortable.

Am I really selling for “cash”? How do I get paid?

Details of payment are outlined in the purchase agreement. Funds are held with a lawyer in a trust account. This is a bank account that only lawyers can access.

On the closing date, the lawyers will ensure the transaction is firm, all conditions are met, and the paperwork is finalized.

Our lawyer (representing buyer) sends your lawyer (representing seller) the money to purchase the property and you will receive the funds from your lawyer.

How fast can I get my money?

We have a secure network of capital investors that allow us the flexibility to make a deal quickly. You choose a closing date that works best for you whether you need money fast before next month’s bills arrive or need some time to find a new place to live and make moving arrangements.

How are you making money? Sounds too good to be true.

When we make our cash offer for your home, we have done a little homework to determine what the house is worth as is and what it would be worth after any cleaning, repairs, and upgrades.

Our solid construction experience and knowledge of the industry allow us to make accurate estimates of what it would cost to perform the work plus lending costs and contingencies for unexpected challenges.

Since we do the work ourselves, you aren’t paying a wholesaler their cut before they flip it to another who will do the work. Our level of expertise in estimating costs required to get the home market-ready ensures you are getting the most for your home right now.

What is a house flipper?

House flipping is when a real estate investor buys houses and then sells them for a profit. A true “flip” is when the house is bought with the intention of quickly reselling.  Wholesalers will buy and sell very quickly to avoid high lending costs without doing any repairs or upgrades but keeping a profit.

We approach our business a little differently. While we do buy your house and sell it for a profit, we take pride in transforming the property into something amazing that the next owners can move into and love living there. We are compensated for the work completed to improve the property, not from buying your home for less than its worth.

MJS Properties is essentially getting paid for the work you don’t have to do.

What happens if there are tenants in the house I’m trying to sell?

Sometimes that can be the best reason for selling privately. Cleaning and repairing your home to prepare it for the market can be almost impossible with tenants. Not to mention scheduling showings to potential buyers when someone else is living there. None of that is necessary when you contact a private cash buyer. As real estate investors, we understand and appreciate the rights of tenants.


My house doesn’t need much more than some paint and carpet. But I don’t want to deal with it. Are you still interested?

Consider MJS the “easy button” of selling your home. We will make a fair, no-obligation offer for your home and then take care of any cosmetic improvements needed to get it ready for sale.

Take what you want, leave the rest and walk away.

Can I sell my house without cleaning it out? It is almost a hoarding situation.

We buy houses in any condition. No cleaning or decluttering required at all.

Just take what you want and leave what you don’t. We’ll take care of the rest.

If you are dealing with a hoarding situation, this could be due to a mental health issue. We have experience working with homeowners facing a variety of challenges and are more than happy to help.

My house is so old and outdated. It needs a ton of work. Will you still buy it?

We buy houses in any condition. No cleaning or decluttering required at all.

No repairs and no upgrades necessary. Just take what you want and leave what you don’t. We’ll take care of the rest.

We have even transformed condemned properties into beautiful showpieces. We have the knowledge and experience to handle projects many would run from.

Are you local?

We are located in London, Ontario but have worked with many happy clients within driving distance across Southwestern Ontario.

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