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How to sell your house easily, Quickly, and privately for cash

Selling your house privately is the easiest way to sell your home. By selling “off-market”, you don’t list your home on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) used by real estate agents and brokers. Therefore you don’t need to clean or make repairs. No showings or open houses either. It’s fast and can save a lot of money.

But how does selling your house for cash work?

Watch Matt explain how to sell your house easily.



Exchange Information

First, we need details about your property. We can schedule a time to see your home in person and view it virtually through photos and video. or sometimes a simple description may be all we need. You don’t need to clean or fix a thing. 

We will ask about the condition of your home and your situation because we truly want to help provide the best solution for you. This might mean helping with unwanted contents and even moving expenses.

Got Questions?

Curious to know more about how to sell your house easily?

We can share what other properties in your area sell for and how your home compares to those on the market. Based on our extensive experience we can suggest repairs and upgrades necessary for earning top dollar, what they would cost and how long it would take. 

You don’t pay any fees for our market evaluation or our advice and there’s no obligation to sell. Our primary goal is to leave you with information to make the best decision.


Read answers to these popular questions:

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Get a firm, fair cash offer


Based on the current as-is condition of your home and what we must do to prepare it for resale on the market, we make you an offer. You will have no additional expenses for cleaning, repairing, or selling your home.

We encourage you to compare our offer with what you will actually get to keep from a higher sales price listing it on the market. While you could sell for more, how much will it cost you and how long will it take?

Because our offer is not dependent on financing and we buy your home as-is, there are no conditions to be met. Our offer is firm and you can rest knowing the deal won’t fall through.

Close on your terms


If you accept our offer, we sign the agreement and send it to our real estate lawyers for review. Then we proceed to closing but the timing is up to you! Keys and payment will be exchanged through the lawyers and you move on to your next chapter without effort.

No inconvenience or added expense and it’s all according to your timeline.

If only I had listened to Matt and accepted his offer. I decided to list it on the market but only got $25,000 more than he offered. I still had to pay commission, closing costs, and clean the house myself. 

Plus I had to stay in the house a lot longer than I wanted which was truly inconvenient. I really wish I had just sold it to Matt.

Regretful Seller

Now let’s compare with the traditional
method of selling your home

When you choose to sell your home the more popular way, you must work a little harder. You can hire an agent and pay a commission. Or you can sell without a realtor and do it yourself the For Sale By Owner (FSBO) way. Either way, you must work through a long to-do list and expenses will add up.

Set a Realistic Price

You should eliminate emotion and not rely on what you think your house is worth. Will you pay for an appraisal to help determine a realistic selling price? You could enlist a real estate professional to analyze data objectively looking at the features of your home compared to other similar homes for sale or trends of those that have recently sold.

Prepare the Home for Sale

To ensure you get the best price with the home on the market for the shortest time, you need to make it look attractive to prospective buyers. This will involve cleaning, repairs, and perhaps some upgrades. You may even consider getting a home inspection, so you have the chance to uncover issues and fix them before your buyer does.  

Will you hire a professional? Will you do the work yourself? What will that cost in comparison to the amount of return you will get on your investment of time and money? Once the house is in its best condition, it’s time to declutter and stage the home so it is ready to list.  

List and Advertise Your Home

Before your home is listed on MLS for public viewing, you should arrange for professional photos and draft a detailed description of all your home has to offer. 

Perhaps you will share this fabulous piece of real estate with a bunch of agents to create some excitement before it’s officially listed. Once it’s on the market, there could be open houses and private showings for potential buyers to look at your home.

Review Offers, Negotiate Details, and Close the Sale

People interested in buying your home will present offers. You need to review and compare them to determine which provides what you are looking for. Negotiations for the sale price, closing date, and conditions follow until an acceptable offer is chosen. 

Once an offer is accepted and all conditions are met, real estate attorneys will handle the final details and facilitate the exchange of payment and keys.

Want to know more about
selling your home privately?


Get the absolute best selling price

For your home as-is


MJS buys houses privately in most regions of South Western Ontario and at the absolute best prices. Our home buying processes are straightforward and transparent – we thrive on satisfying partnerships! 

We are ready to offer you a fair deal for your home on your terms and timeline for any reason, in any condition to meet any challenge. Save time, money, and frustration. We make it easy!

No commission, no added expense, and no inconvenience. Decide when you want to close. Take what you want and leave what you don’t. We take care of the rest.

That’s how you sell your house easily!

If you are selling a home, consider selling it privately without a real estate agent. MJS Properties will make you an honest cash offer for what your home is worth in its current condition to make the best deal on your terms.

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