Honesty should be the best policy when it comes to real estate, but you probably know that this isn’t always the case. Predatory lenders, crooked contractors, and real estate agents trying to get you into a house ASAP are always on the lookout for inexperienced investors. Before signing on any lines, you should have the most information given with your money in mind.  That’s not to say that there are that many bad apples out there, but it only takes one to ruin your plans and lose thousands of your dollars. Matthew Scott can help you steer clear of bad decisions, make the most of your budget, and make financial investments that can set you up for life!


Why Integrity Matters

Matthew learned early in his career that integrity is crucial for actual, earned success. Coming from a construction background, he understood why cutting corners was a negative thing. It’s not just a metaphor – the corners are there to keep the building solid! How could you keep working with someone who tried to bring the whole house down for their own gain? Any strategies or advice given should come with your bottom line in mind. Matthew offers nothing to clients that he wouldn’t do himself, whether it’s renovation work, financial planning, or investment advice. When it comes to big decisions like property buying, home restorations, and going in on a joint venture, integrity is essential to making the right move!

Making The Best Renovation Decisions For Your Investment

One of the things holding potential property investors back is a lack of construction and renovation knowledge. For those not in the know, trying to find a quality contractor can be a daunting task. One bad decision and you could be out a lot of money – and your property might not be any more valuable.

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If you only have so much money to devote to investment property renovations, Matthew Scott can help you choose the projects that will add the most value. His extensive construction and project management experience can help you make the best choice for your money. Whether you need to… 

  • • Remodel the kitchen
  • • Renovate the bathroom
  • • Add energy-efficient windows
  • • Upgrade the insulation
  • • Make basic updates to worn-out features
 … Matthew will tell it to you straight. Unlike a contractor trying to upsell you on more work, his only goal is to help you make the best choices and earn you the money you deserve. Property and real estate investment shouldn’t be a bad experience. Investment Property Guru Matthew Scott brings the integrity that can be sorely lacking in this industry, giving you advice that considers all your needs, not his!

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