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Buying a property as an investment should generate extra income for you. This can be done through rental payments, leasing, or selling a home for more than you paid. There are other ways it can help save you time and money, and a thorough knowledge of tax advantages, incorporation, and tenant agreements can uncover these strategies. 

Property Investment Guru Matthew Scott can guide you through the process of drawing up legal and contractual documents, both before and after you talk with legal and accounting representatives. He can tell you what documents you need to put your investment plans into action and makes them easy to understand.


What You Need To Know About Investment Contracts

Before buying a property, you should know the ins and outs of the contracts and commitments of every property owner. Here’s how can get the best plan possible:

  1. 1) Talk with a property investment expert to work out an investment strategy that is right for you.
  2. 2) Talk with an accountant about any of the tax implications income properties can have on you personally or as an incorporated entity. This will help ensure that your investments are integrated to their maximum potential. 
  3. 3) If you want to turn your investments into a corporate entity, talk with a legal advisor to draft up the right corporate structure before transferring the ownership to your holding company. 

Matthew can help you with the contract and legal aspects before and after you talk with accountants and lawyers. After having made successful gains in over 50 property investments, he knows how to navigate these tricky issues and use them to his advantage - and now to your advantage, too.

Local By-Laws

Do you know the municipal rules related to rental properties? What about home-sharing? Do you know if you can cut down that tree growing near the curb? On top of your financial and contractual obligations, you need to know the local by-laws. Each municipality has its own rules and regulations, and these can be radically different from one another. Trying to make heads or tails about them is a confusing process. Having the laws cleared up can help you make the right decisions related to construction, renovations, and taking over condemned properties.

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Matthew can make sense of your local duties. He has cooperated with municipalities to reverse the condemnation of properties and fix them so they exceed by-laws, and he can help you do it, too. Don’t let confusing local by-laws, contracts, and taxes keep you down - let Matthew Scott make sense of all of them for you!

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