Successful income property investment can be available to anyone, and motivation is one of the key ingredients for turning a profit. Earning through real estate is all about energy, strategy, and a financial plan that works. Matthew Scott had the motivation to succeed in this area, and now he’s finding new energy in helping other people succeed, too.


Matthew grew up in construction and paid his dues working in construction and project management in Fort McMurray, Alberta. He never forgot where he came from, and Matthew’s financial planner father gave him an incredible system that helped him save the money he needed to make investments. Everyone should feel the freedom that can come from hard work and sound property investments, and Matthew Scott can show the way.


Motivated To Help You

There are many risks to investing in properties, all of which Matthew knows firsthand. One of his primary motivations is to help people avoid common pitfalls and feel confident and secure in their income property investment decisions. It’s important to:


Protect Homeowners: Not knowing what goes into investment properties shouldn’t stop anyone from trying to get in on the market. But there are many services and sellers that don’t care about the homeowner. Matthew takes the time to guide real estate rookies so that their investments don’t become money pits!


Gain Financial Independence: Many homeowners feel financially constrained these days. Matthew understands this all too well, which is why he’s motivated to help people overcome it! For those who want to do more with their money or property, Matthew can explain all the specific risks and rewards to them, improve their financial stability, and help them feel independent again.


Improve Neighbourhoods: Investment ownership in problem properties improves neighbourhoods by raising the value of properties. By purchasing and fixing up these types of homes to rent or flip, Matthew has the experience cooperating with municipalities to reverse the condemnation of properties and fix them so they exceed bylaws.

Let Matthew Aid You

No matter what their age, potential real estate investors have to understand the mortgage market before entering. For those new to homeownership, Matthew is young enough to understand Millennials and work with them to diversify their investment strategy to establish financial security.

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For those looking to get more out of their money as they near retirement, Matthew has experience working with people to improve the quality of their lives through investments, financial planning, and real-estate capital gains. 


Whether you’re a motivated buyer or seller, Investment Property Guru Matthew Scott can help make sense of the world of real estate investment and improve your odds of turning a profit!

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