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We provide no-obligation real estate advice to homeowners thinking of selling a home. The best time to reach out is before you call real estate agents or even think about cleaning or making repairs. But we can help even if you have an agent. 

Learn about the kind of advice we offer and how you can make informed decisions about real estate transactions related to selling your home or buying the next one to save money, time, and hassles.

Check out our recently updated Frequently Asked Questions to find out the answers to common questions we answer. Then schedule an appointment with us so we can provide you with details specific to your home and neighbourhood.

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What Kind of No-Obligation Real Estate Advice Do We Offer?

No Obligation Real Estate Advice for Free

Things we might discuss include:

  • The current condition of your home and what you are required to disclose to potential buyers
  • The value of your home as is now
  • What other homes in your area are selling for and what you may need to do to sell for a similar price
  • Costs of cleaning, repairing, and updating your home to compete in the market
  • Estimated costs of commission and realtor fees including those of the buyer agent representing the buyer of your home
  • Additional costs of selling your home you may not have considered like storage, staging, photography, or a home inspection
  • Other services we offer to help make selling your home easier
  • Reviewing the standard agreement of purchase and sale
  • What services a real estate lawyer will provide and why do you need one in Ontario
  • The difference between listing with an agent, for sale by owner route, and selling your home privately for cash.

You've Got Alternatives For Selling Your Home

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Make Informed Decisions About Real Estate Transactions

By the end of our meeting, we hope you have a better understanding of your options. We will present our cash offer without conditions and the closing date is up to you. Armed with all the information, you can decide whether you want to accept our offer eliminating all the extra time, expense and hassle. 

Or you may decide you can do the work and spend the extra money to sell for a higher price and hire a listing agent with a real estate broker. We can even provide you with the names of excellent agents we highly recommend working with for buying or selling a home.

Common Mistakes When Selling Your Home

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Did You Already Sign an Agreement with a Real Estate Agent?

It’s not too late to reach out to us for our no-obligation real estate advice. You can still save money, time and effort!

Real estate commission is usually paid to agents representing both the buyer and the seller for their assistance with the purchase or sale of a home. Since you committed to selling your home with an agent, you will still need to pay the seller’s agent portion of the commission. But when a private home buyer buys a home, they usually don’t use an agent so there’s no additional commission expense.

If you haven’t started making any repairs or cleaning out your home, there are lots of savings to be had by selling your home to a private buyer. We’d be happy to review your remaining options and can even meet with you and your agent to discuss them together.

Advice For All Things Real Estate – Not Just About Buying Your Home!

Our experience and expertise can be invaluable. We offer no-obligation real estate advice on a variety of topics for selling your home and even buying your next one. 

  • Need ideas for renovations? Pick our brains for suggestions on how to make a home more functional as well as beautiful.
  • Curious if you need title insurance when purchasing your next home? We’ve got advice.
  • Thinking of investing in real estate yourself? We can talk for hours sharing various tips and tricks.
  • Wondering about the tax implications of real estate transactions? We’ve got advice on that too.

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