The Circumstances

After the original homeowner moved into a nursing home, this property was sold to an investor. The project was never finished so it sat abandoned for 12 years in complete disrepair. It had been listed on MLS but no one wanted it. Gaps in the foundation and a malfunctioning sump pump left the basement unable to drain. The oversized yard was a complete jungle with large piles of dirt everywhere. In fact, it took 12 dump truckloads to remove it all. The outbuildings were a mess which attracted homeless squatters and teenagers who made it their hangout. The house itself had been gutted and left wrapped in insultation creating a neighbourhood eyesore. Structural and foundation issues plagued the building resulting in 8” of water in the basement. MJS would have their work cut out for them here.

The Plan

Security was hired to stay on the property overnight to eliminate trespassers and send a clear message that someone cared for this home once again. The yard was cleaned up and levelled. The large piles of dirt were removed along with overgrown shrubs, dead trees, and stumps. Clean, attractive landscaping was installed in their place.  The garage was restored to its natural glory which was once an automotive shop in its former life.

The entire foundation was dug out, gaps repaired and sealed. New weeping tile, water line, sewage drains, and a proper sump pump were installed to eliminate water issues. The exterior was given a complete makeover with new siding, soffit, fascia, windows, driveway, back deck, and front porch. Inside is now barely recognizable with a new kitchen, bathroom fixtures, flooring, and electrical. When MJS Properties takes on a project, you can be sure it is not just cosmetic. Matt takes the time and care to do things right so the next homeowner can live comfortably and happily in their new home.

The Result

From an abandoned eyesore to a community jewel, this large lot home was completely transformed. Neighbours who could not previously sell their home due to the monstrosity next door were thrilled at the immediate increase in property value and heightened interest in the area. Others who lived in the area for their whole lives could not be more relieved they had their neighbourhood back with the removal of unsavoury characters previously hanging about. The original homeowner who sold the house 12 years prior returned to have a look and was overwhelmingly grateful to MJS Properties for breathing new life into her childhood home.

One year after renovation, property values on the same street increased by 10% averaging $28,500 more. Homes also were selling an average of 9 days faster - a 47% improvement!

Matthiew J. ScottThe Heart and Soul of MJS Properties

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