The Circumstances

The homeowner needed to move out of province but had yet to purchase his new home. He required three months before he could close the sale of the property which is not typically possible with a traditional sale. In addition to extra time, the home and garage were filled with so many contents you could hardly move inside. The owner was overwhelmed and seemed paralyzed to move forward not knowing where to begin.

A monumental effort was required to clean the property well enough to list it with an agent. The home, which was once a simple shed with additions constructed to create a house, also needed a lot of repairs. It even suffered from water in the basement which can often be a tough sell. The to-do list was daunting and would take time the homeowner simply did not have while trying to finalize his move.

The Plan

MJS Properties made the homeowner an offer that provided the flexible close he needed. The offer also included taking care of the disposal of any contents he couldn’t or didn’t want to take with him. Absolutely nothing else was required from the homeowner. His to-do list for selling the house was gone. That would make his move out of province a lot easier and free up a ton of time.

After any desired contents were packed up and the client moved on to begin his new life, Matt got to work clearing out the remaining contents and garbage. He fixed the leaks in the basement, refinished the floors, installed new windows, repaired drywall and freshened the paint. It felt like a home again. Outside, he tidied up the landscaping in the massive backyard which had been neglected for years. It was now “move-in ready” in a condition that could compete with other homes in the area.

The Results

The previous homeowner was relieved to have the extra time he needed to facilitate his move without having to rush. He was also grateful for not having the added expense and hassle of getting rid of everything he didn’t want to take with him. I can’t imagine moving all that stuff across the country. And the challenge of cleaning and repairing to sell the home was off his plate.

This beautifully transformed home was purchased by a newly engaged couple full of plans for an addition overlooking the picturesque Thames River. They were thrilled to have a home they felt safe and comfortable in thanks to Matt’s improvements while they mapped out their dream to expand. Neighbours were thrilled with the improvements MJS Properties made too, excited for the increased property values of their own homes as a result.

Happy Seller – Happy Buyer – Happy Neighbours

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