Mental health issues make selling a house challenging. The amount of work required and the thought of prospective buyers parading through their home felt overwhelming to the client.

The Circumstances

A real estate agent, working with a client struggling with the process of selling their home, approached MJS Properties knowing we could be the solution to save themselves a lot of work and hassle. One of the family members living in the home suffered from schizophrenia. They wanted a quick convenient sale without all the cleaning and showing normally involved.

The homeowner loved the idea of just taking only the personal items he wanted and walking away. He ended up leaving everything but his clothes. Inside the home, it was hard to tell if he took anything at all because there was so much stuff. Lots of clutter, leftover food and garbage remained after closing and much of the furniture was damaged. Outside the grass was overgrown and various finishes were in need of repair.

The Plan

This project was primarily a cosmetic transformation. We cleaned out the entire home preparing it for a fresh start. Then we installed new casing and baseboards and laid new flooring. Cleaning the ductwork and fumigating the home eliminated lingering cigarette smells.

We repainted the entire home and installed new countertops and tub surround. In the kitchen, transforming old, flat panelled cabinets into new shaker-style cupboards made a huge improvement. Another significant enhancement included adding laundry on main the main floor.

Outside, we cleaned up the yard, re-sided the garage and rebuilt the deck. We simply made the home clean and pretty, ready for someone to make it their own.

The Results

Neighbours, not understanding the situation, would launch complaints about the property frequently. After the transformation by MJS Properties, they were impressed and relieved, looking forward to welcoming new neighbours.

It was an honour to provide a fair sale price and a sense of relief to the seller and the realtor with our easy solution. Mental Health Issues make selling a house challenging but our easy solutions can help.

We were sure what to do initially. My clients were in a unique situation. MJS provided a unique solution and it worked out for everyone. I wasn’t sure exactly how things were going to work out after seeing what the client’s left behind, but Matt didn’t disappoint. It turned out beautiful.

Bryan MeereMeere Real Estate Group

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