Not all quick sale property buyers are the same. As investors and problem solvers, we help sellers with unique challenges by presenting a cash offer for the full value of their homes in their current condition.

We don’t believe in lipstick flips. Instead, we strive to transform properties into quality products the next homeowners can rely on.

A quality product doesn’t mean always making it into a show home. In this case, we simply took care of cleaning and repairing what needed to be done and left it ready for a fresh start. We saved the buyer money too leaving cosmetic finishes for them to complete.

MJS Properties specializes in helping homeowners on both sides of the real estate transaction.


before kitchen full of contents and needed cleaning after kitchen simply cleaned and painted leaving replacement for next owner


The Circumstances

Moving out of the province, the seller faced the typical needs of many homeowners looking for an alternative to using a real estate agent. They wanted to sell their house quickly, keep the closing date within their control, and simply leave with only the belongings they wanted.

When you want to sell your house fast, it’s easy to call a real estate solutions and investment firm that specializes in buying homes for cash. Quick sale property buyers are usually the ideal solution.

But we help homeowners get rid of burdensome houses fast. You can sell your home for cash to MJS Properties and feel confident in a fair offer. We buy houses for their full market value in their current condition.

A burdensome home for sure

The home was overwhelmed with contents. When we first visited the home, we couldn’t move through the hallway and had to step over the belongings to view all the rooms. Beyond the volume of stuff, the home itself was neglected and outdated.

Many prospective buyers would be deterred by the state of the home. Even many investors who buy houses in as-is condition frequently. Behind plaster walls, we found nob and tube wiring and the entire second floor was without electrical service. No overhead lights or switches and only a couple of outlets.

Windows needed replacing, the bathroom was not functional, and the furnace was red-tagged as dangerous leaking CO2. Outside, we discovered the steps falling, an unstable deck, and a crumbling chimney. It needed a lot of work.

The Plan

Even before the sale closed, the seller rented a U-Haul for a week emptying four dumpsters of unwanted belongings. After closing, we began the project by emptying two or three more dumpsters plus two or three dump trailers.

We made 5 trips to Habitat for Humanity to donate clothes and anything salvageable. A junk removal service took a full load of metal out of the house. After we cleared the house out, it was time to begin cleaning and repairs.

A Different Approach – The Opposite of a Lipstick Flip

For this project, we made a different plan. Instead of stunning renovations to attract top dollar, we decided to complete the basics and bring the home to a state where buyers could add their own touches. In a market full of overpriced homes, this was a welcome option.

A lipstick flip is known by quick sale property buyers as clearing the house out, painting and selling with the rest left unchanged. But that would mean all the issues would remain for the next owner to resolve. Instead of simply making it pretty only for the buyer to smash holes in the wall, we prepared the home for a fresh start.

Just the Basics

We took care of all the things behind the walls.  New electrical replaced the nob and tube and expanded to the second floor. We replaced the basement windows and made the plumbing more functional and the furnace safe.

The basics like flooring and painting were still completed but we left room for someone to add their own DIY improvements to make the purchase more affordable. All they really needed to do was the remaining windows and kitchen. All of which they could roll into their mortgage.

The Results

For the seller, we provided an easy solution eliminating the need to deal with an overwhelming number of contents. No cleaning or repairs required, and we eliminated the embarrassment of strangers parading through the home that comes with the territory of selling your house on the market traditionally.

We granted their wish of simply leaving for the east coast in a minivan with only the items they wanted to keep. Everything else remained behind. Not only was it an easy transition, but they appreciated the privacy of selling to quick sale property buyers.

For the new homeowner, they still purchased a quality product they could rely on. But since we didn’t complete the fancy stuff, the purchase price remained more reasonable. A welcome bonus in the record-breaking real estate market.

“Most, if not all, of the house that we buy are not even close to livable condition. Many are condemned, or very close to it. Structurally decayed and dilapidated, often with little or no utilities to the house or City orders due to the unsafe conditions. The problems that we take on are problems that the average person would not have the means to tackle and would put them in a dangerous position.
We put in the hard work to transform those houses in to beautiful, safe homes for people - adding to the housing stock and availability for buyers. In some cases, we only do the heavy lifting and complete the necessary repairs to make the homes safe and put them on the market, offering buyers a very affordable housing option that is at least safe.”

Phil WilliamsonMJS Properties Investor

When you sell your house fast to quick sale property buyers it doesn’t have to mean losing profit to greedy investors. We’re here to help on both sides of the real estate transaction.

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