The Circumstances

The homeowners purchased this home with intentions of renovating the unfinished attic into a master bedroom with an ensuite. They started the project but discovered damaging errors had been made by the previous owners who cut the floor joice. During an inspection, the job was shut down and insurance deemed the house unsafe for living.

Being forced out of their home, they had to live in a hotel for months while repairs were made in their attempt to bring it back to code. Trouble continued with a confusing permit process the homeowners weren’t familiar with. Sadly, this proved to be too much for them. Family tensions grew to the point of irreconcilable differences and their only option was to sell.

Due to the home still being deemed uninhabitable, financing was impossible to secure through regular banks. They didn’t get a single offer for the home while it was listed on MLS. Hope was dwindling.

The Plan

MJS Properties rescued this family and offered hope for them to move forward. Matt obtained proper permits and began the process of returning the home to safe living standards. His knowledge proved to be invaluable with this project. He completed the beautiful transformation of the attic into a stunning master bedroom with an extra-large master bath. He even added skylights capturing the home’s natural angles to allow fresh new light into this home with such a sad past. Windows were replaced, floors refinished, and cabinets painted. Then Matt tackled the exterior.

Two large sheds creating an eyesore were removed, the garage was cleaned, and a new door installed. The yard was spruced up and the front porch was replaced. The home was absolutely gorgeous.

The Results

Previous owners were relieved to find a buyer and be able to move on to their next chapter, quickly putting the nightmare behind them. The home was brought back to livable standards with a more modern, functional, and finished look. It went from an MLS listing unable to capture a single offer to a truly impressive piece of real estate.

Neighbours were impressed with the transformation outside. The new owner was thrilled and continued with additional projects to make it her own now that she could envision the natural beauty of the home.

MJS Properties has the knowledge and the skills to bring life back to a house and make it a home.

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