The Circumstances

Who do you call when you need to sell a house you can’t afford to fix?

The homeowner was in debt and needed to find a buyer fast. But it was more than a fixer-upper. It needed work. They could no longer afford mortgage payments, let alone home maintenance expenses.

The house needed a lot of repairs. There were no lights in the bathroom, kitchen or living room and other electrical was faulty. The basement leaked and there was mould upstairs. It needed new flooring and a new roof as well.

Prior tenants smoked heavily, adding to the overpowering smells within the home. A steady stream of troublemakers disrespected the property because of its poor condition, adding to the long list of issues.

This wasn’t just a quick flip. It needed an expert, prepared to buy a house with cash, to fix it and prepare it for sale. Definitely not ideal for the typical real estate agent.

The Plan

MJS Properties doesn’t take advantage of people in tough situations. In fact, it’s just the opposite. We’re here to help. Providing an offer for what the home is worth is important to us. The last thing we want is a “short sale” when the purchase price to sell your house is less than what’s owed on the mortgage.

Doing the work ourselves instead of flipping to another investor allows more money to stay in the homeowner’s pocket instead of extra cash funnelling to middlemen. It’s a win-win situation.

We fixed the electrical and installed pot lights everywhere needed to solve lighting issues. Then we fixed the leaky basement and repaired the roof. Outside, we cleaned up the yard and re-sided the garage along the back of the house.

To improve the home cosmetically, we replaced the flooring and freshened up the interior to eliminate mould and odours. It was ready for someone to love living there again. They did all this in under 21 days!

The Results

Three separate private home buyers presented offers. But MJS Properties provided a firm offer with a very short closing date; just what the homeowner needed.

It was difficult to secure lenders at the beginning of the pandemic. Many real estate investors needed longer closing windows to allow them to secure buyers. MJS Properties had financing in place and did the work themselves instead of simply flipping for profit. It was the perfect answer and allowed the quickest solution to the homeowner’s mounting debt.

MJS Properties loves to buy homes that need work. It’s our specialty.

When you need to sell your home and can’t afford to fix it, call us. We have options and are here to help.

With secure financing and commitment to completing repairs ourselves, we can be the life preserver needed to those drowning in debt from their homes in disrepair.

Matthiew J. ScottThe Heart and Soul of MJS Properties

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