We transformed this damaged home into a fully renovated, rent-ready, turnkey investment property for the new owner with no worries for years. Polished finishes are sure to easily attract quality renters for an excellent return.



The Circumstances

The previous owner faced health challenges on top of financial stress. He needed to walk away from the property, unable to provide any additional effort or investment to prepare the home for listing in current housing markets.

The owner-occupied home itself was rough. After completing our standard due diligence when we buy a property, we identified a host of issues.

We uncovered a mice farm in the kitchen insulation and in the attic. Many structural issues resulted from an unaddressed moisture problem. These included a rotted rim joist, softened floor joists and sill plates to be fixed.

The house had no reliable heat source. The existing furnace was red-tagged following an inspection. Multiple property renovations left unfinished added to the long to-do list, which the previous owner could not finish because he lacked skill and funds.

But MJS Properties was happy to pay the full value of the home in its current condition because we could see the potential it had.

The Plan

Our team replaced insulation to ensure proper remediation of the rodents to avoid them coming back to lingering smells. We jacked up the house to repair structural issues. And we replaced baseboard heaters with a forced-air furnace with air conditioning.

We replaced windows and siding, updated plumbing and electrical to prevent future maintenance issues, and finished the many renovations in progress. Our team finished the kitchen, bathrooms, and other living spaces with a farmhouse look lending to that cottage feel.

Outside, we replaced the garage door opener, refurbished the driveway, and poured a concrete patio between the house and garage to replace the previous dirt path. We took down unsightly structures in the backyard and completed a yard clean-up for a fresh new look.

The Results

It is always important to consider the end-user or who will buy the home when it hits the real estate market. Since the home was in Lake Huron’s cottage country, it had the potential for a retired couple or real estate investors seeking turnkey rental properties.

The advantages of turnkey real estate investments include low costs for maintaining the property over the long term and higher rental income to minimize cash flow concerns. Because MJS Properties always completes our projects with quality in mind, they make excellent turnkey properties no matter if you plan to live in the home or want to manage the property as a rental property.

Our initial goal is to stabilize the asset and finish the home with quality workmanship and little touches that make it stand out from the rest. Not only can this help increase our home prices when reselling, but if you are investing in real estate buying rental properties, you want to attract quality renters.

This well-polished investment did in fact attract a couple who appreciated the benefits of turnkey properties. They hoped to live in the house part-time but were also excited about the possibility of earning a passive income with little effort needed for property management services.

When you buy a turnkey property that leaves little concern for years to come, it will easily attract the right tenant. That’s what you can count on with MJS Properties. I don’t ever hesitate listing one of their projects because I know it’s done right.

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Beautiful Turnkey Investment Property Renovation in Cottage Country