We buy houses no one else wants. MJS Properties typically purchases houses in unlivable conditions.

We fix them up and put them back on the market, in a condition that allows the new owners to live in without concern.



The Circumstances

This home was listed on the market with a real estate agent. The previous owner passed away and the property became part of the estate. Sadly, the condition of the home was more than distressed. It was known as the “crooked house” for 40 or 50 years. Despite many attempted renovations to try and fix it, the real problems were never addressed.

The amount of work this home required scared away the average buyer buying a house in Ontario. And even many investors. Facing significant structural issues, it was considered a teardown by many. Only someone with the right skills could salvage it. But MJS was up for the task. We buy houses no one else wants!

The Plan

What initially looked like a simple floor joist repair evolved into a major restructure. We jacked up the house to straighten it, lifting it up 5” and over 6”. To enable the repairs, we removed the back of the house and excavated half of the foundation adding 12” to the basement.

We replaced rim joists, added new load points for stability, and exchanged the entire subfloor. To improve the basement, we placed plastic in the crawl space and poured concrete to finish the dirt floor. Outside, we installed new siding at the back of the house and a new deck.

Safety First

When we buy houses in questionable condition, it is important to complete a comprehensive inspection for safety. This time we determined it was best to replace 80% of the HVAC components to ensure safe operation for the next owner.

During the furnace replacement, we learned the original had a cracked heat exchanger releasing C02. This could have been tragic because its condition was not previously known. No wonder our demolition crews weren’t feeling well.

Function and Beauty

We installed new insulation in the attic and moved the kitchen to make this small house more functional. A new bathroom and an additional ensuite bathroom for the primary bedroom further enhanced the functionality. Thieves broke into the house to remove copper, so we installed all new plumbing and electrical.

Cosmetically, we installed new flooring, doors, and paint to complement the major repairs completed behind the walls and under the floors. Not only did we transform this disaster into a safe, functional home for the next owner, but it also looked absolutely stunning.

The Results

Many accuse real estate investors of inflating the market, claiming they are responsible for increasing prices. MJS Properties is different. Current high prices are primarily the result of low inventory or not enough homes for sale to meet the demand.

We buy houses and transform them into viable properties the average homeowner could not previously consider because of the condition. This adds to housing inventory contributing to balancing the difference between supply and demand. We are problem solvers.

Thank you for saving a life. Without investing the time and money into replacing this furnace, the cracked heat exchanger may not have been discovered. It’s nice to know you guys do things right.

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