Flipping Houses

Do you want to flip houses to earn some extra cash? Renovating and reselling homes can be an incredibly rewarding experience, and not just on the investment side. Before putting any money down, though, you need to perfect your approach. If you just throw money at the first home that smells like an opportunity, you’re likely to lose thousands, if not tens of thousands of dollars and never recoup your losses. 


Before buying what looks like the perfect house to flip, get in touch with Investment Property Guru Matthew Scott. He’ll show you how you can finance new opportunities, where to look, and what kind of work you can do to maximize a home’s resale value.


How Can I Flip A House For Profit?

There are two common ways property investors can flip houses: renovating a rundown property and reselling it, or reselling an almost-perfect house when the market starts to heat up 


  • Renovating A Property: A property investor buys a home with the potential to increase in value after remodelling, refurbishments, or upgrades are made. The home can then be sold for more money than the investor put into it.
  • Reselling A Finished Property: A property investor buys property in an area where home prices are rising. The investor holds the property for a few months while values continue to go up, and then resells it for a higher price.


Neither one is easy, but an expert opinion could make the difference between earning income on a property investment and losing money on it. You just have to know your finances, know the market, and make smart renovation decisions.

Building The Right House-Flipping Strategy

Like all home purchases, flipping a house starts with the right plan of attack. Matthew Scott can show you how you can do it from start to finish, including:


  • • How to choose the right property
  • • Doing the necessary homework 
  • • How to set a price range and build a budget and financial strategy
  • • What repairs and updates to make for maximum value
  • • Selling the property off-market

Schedule a Consultation

House flipping can be a dream investment, but it can quickly turn into a disaster if you’re not prepared. When done correctly, you can sell the house for much more than you paid for it in a short amount of time. It all comes down to buying the right opportunity, making the smartest renovations, and knowing the property’s true value. 


But a house flip can just as easily go wrong if it’s done without a proper goal in mind. Investment Property Guru Matthew Scott can give you the direction and tips you’ll need to prevent disaster and turn a profit! 


Note: while Matthew Scott can provide renovation services, he does so only on a case-by-case basis at his own discretion.

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