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Restoration is returning a property to its original condition. This is a job for older properties, though it’s not limited to century homes - midcentury and craftsman homes can also be restored to their initial appearance. If you find a home like this within your home flipping budget, you might have found a great opportunity to make an investment. Matthew Scott can show you why!


Taking On A Restoration

Restoration projects make for great income properties because when they’re done accurately and to the standards of their original era, they can become highly sought after by buyers. This usually relates to the older wooden features like flooring, cabinetry, and stairs, while you can update the heating, cooling, and electrical systems. This will make the overall home safer, more comfortable, and easier for the buyer to enjoy.


The restoration process can take some research and elbow grease, but generally, these jobs aren’t as big as a full remodel or even a renovation. You can even restore around the “quirkier” aspects of the old home, like uneven flooring or older vent covers. But do you know what makes a restoration different in the first place?

What Makes Restoration Different From Renovation?

A restoration job is different from a renovation in that the refurbishment of the home isn’t as intensive. Renovations replace materials and fixtures with new ones that aren’t period-specific, and the results could paying homage to the home’s existing style or something contemporary and new. Restoration is returning the home to an original condition. While this means there aren’t as many liberties you can take, a restoration investment is different than a renovation investment. Some examples of restoration include: 


  • • Refinishing hardwood floor to its original shape or colour
  • • Restoring cabinetry, banisters, and other carpentry to their original condition
  • • Repairing or replacing the windows and/or doors
  • • Finding original or replica versions of the small parts such as doorknobs or cabinet handles

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It’s not an easy process. Special care needs to be taken when dealing with older structures and building materials. It can be hard to find the materials needed to truly restore certain aspects of the home to its original appearance. As well, older foundations and attics can be full of surprises, meaning unexpected costs can take you - and your budget - off-guard. 


While historic houses have their unique difficulties, they also present property investment advantages. Investment Property Guru Matthew Scott can show you how to turn these unique opportunities into profits!


Note: while Matthew Scott can provide renovation services, he does so only on a case-by-case basis at his own discretion.

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