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It’s “Random Acts of Kindness Day” and MJS Properties wants you to know you can sell your home easily with kindness.

Random Acts of Kindness Day began in 2004 in New Zealand. They celebrate in September while North America celebrates February 17. A foundation of the same name, created by a non-profit in Denver, Colorado in 1995, is all about celebrating kindness and paying it forward.

No matter when you celebrate or by who or when the goal is the same: to make kindness the norm.

That is what MJS Properties stands behind, with every project and every homeowner they meet. Our primary aim is to provide those planning to sell their home with valuable information and advice to make the best decisions.

We approach each conversation with kindness. Most people who reach out are struggling. They may face financial or emotional difficulties. Sometimes it’s just a matter of not having enough time to do all that is required to sell their home the traditional way.

Whatever their motivation, we want to help. You can sell your house easily with kindness. Not all cash buyers, investors or flippers are out to take advantage.

We want to make kindness in real estate transactions the norm

The traditional way to sell your home

For years, to sell a house, people contacted real estate agents to list their house on the market using a multiple listing service (MLS). Agents advised them to spruce up the home’s exterior, slap on a fresh coat of paint, invest in home staging, take fancy photos in natural light, and schedule an open house.

To sell quickly, the popular options were dropping the sale price or spending money on expensive renovations, hoping to attract more potential buyers. This may help sell your home fast, but what amount of profit did you give up in exchange?

The traditional alternative

Another popular option for selling a home was “for sale by owner” where the homeowner takes on all the responsibilities and expenses to prepare, list, and welcome potential buyers to their front door. This method rarely turned out easy or permitted them to sell their home quickly.

What about selling for cash?

House flippers and investors flooded neighbourhoods with signs and flyers promising a quick sale for cash. In fact, MJS Properties did the same. But we soon realized a few rotten apples riddled the industry with stories of homeowners being taken advantage of. We made it our mission to be different.

Desperate people who couldn’t sell their home the traditional way felt forced to give in to low offers. Shady investors profited from the misfortune of others, creating an uphill battle for the legitimate investors to climb and dispel the myths cash home sales are a rip-off.

Random Acts of Kindness everyday

Matt implemented many great ideas, hoping to prove his intentions were honourable. Some of these he shared on social media. Others were just his natural way to show kindness as he goes about his business without a second thought. These are just a few stories I know about.

  • Donating the profits from the sale of contents left behind to a veterans’ organization to honour the homeowner, a veteran himself
  • Sharing a gift card with a stranger in need
  • Buying lunch for a stranger
  • Feeding a parking meter for a stranger
  • Countless fundraising initiatives
  • Collecting craft supplies for kids in the hospital

But in the genuine spirit of random acts of kindness, I’m unaware of most of the kind gestures Matt makes routinely. I am, however, very aware of the way he treats those wanting to sell their home. He changed my mind and proves time and time again, MJS Properties is different.

You can sell your house easily with kindness.

MJS Properties is committed to making that the norm.