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People are still buying and selling homes and you can sell your home safely and easily during a pandemic.

The way many real estate transactions occur changed. Some are quite concerned with the added risk strangers present to their health. Others are worried about sticking to a strict budget. And many have a long list of to-dos but can’t figure out how to make it all happen when things keep closing down and the rules keep changing.

Sell Your Home Safely and Easily During a Pandemic has increased costs compared to a traditional material supply market. Lumber cost have easily tripled, and supply is difficult to obtain, shown here is a completely empty lumber yard

Cleaning & Repairs

Selling your home on the traditional market means completing repairs and cleaning your home at the very least. To-do lists seem to be getting longer as buyers are interested in homes that have more to offer with everyone stuck at home. Landscaping and storage are sometimes just as important as the style of kitchen and bathrooms offered.

If you hire a home inspector in advance, there is no doubt they will add a few things to your list. If you don’t, the buyer may do so and impose conditions because of what is discovered.

Are you prepared to spend the time and money required to complete necessary repairs just to chase a slightly higher selling price?

Do you have the skills to complete the tasks yourself?

Will you be successful finding the materials to do so? If you don’t, can you find contractors who are available to do the work for you or are they backed up and short on supplies? Is Ontario in a phase that allows contractors to work in your home? Do you feel safe having them in your home for extended periods of time?

How much will these tasks interfere with your daily life if you are working from home and juggling ever-changing school schedules.

Staging, Showing, & Closing

As if cleaning and repairs aren’t enough hassle.

For potential buyers to see the beautiful home you are going to spend so much time and money getting ready, you need to stage it. This is true if you are going to have real live people in your home for a tour or just for the fancy photo shoot. And let’s not forget how much that might cost. With most people checking things out virtually, taking some pics on your phone isn’t going to cut it.

Staging your home means putting much of your stuff away in storage. Do you have space for your stuff, or do you need to shell out more money for a storage unit? What can you do without and what do you absolutely need? This list has probably changed significantly if you are working from home and the kids are logged in for remote learning.

Sell Your Home Safely and Easily During a Pandemic requires extensive cleaning and sanitizing between showings. Pictured here is a spray sanitization bottle being used to clean a house

You must keep your home in model shape to be ready at a moment’s notice when someone wants to view the home – in person or virtually. If they do come for an in-person tour, it’s no longer about simple cleaning.

Sanitizing between tours matters too. Who has time for that? Even though open houses are no longer the norm, committed buyers still want to see your home by appointment. This means multiple strangers and their agents parading through your space bringing added risk to your family.

With so much uncertainty these days, the risk of buyers backing out of their deals should their financial situation change quickly is on the rise. Does their preferred closing date match your timeline? The offer game can be an emotional roller coaster of numbers, conditions, and closing dates.

Sell Your Home Safely and Easily During a Pandemic with MJS Properties, we take care of all the extra work so you can move on. With a quick look we can provide you with a cash offer.

Alternatives with MJS Properties to Sell Your Home Safely and Easily During a Pandemic

So, what other options do you have? What about selling privately?

No cleaning or repairs. The inconvenience and added expense is gone. We take away all that hassle and expense of preparing, staging, and showing your home.

We just need a quick look to make a secure cash offer with a closing date that is as soon or later as you wish.

While we may not offer you top dollar that a traditional buyer would make, we also don’t require any of the added time and money you would have to spend to get your home in the condition required to get that higher offer. And you don’t have to pay commission or listing fees to sell on the market.

Often after you tally up your expenses, our offer is very close to what you would get to keep at the end of the day.

These benefits are true during a pandemic or not. But what other peace of mind can we offer during these strange times? We can view your home virtually. A video call while your walk through the house allows us to view your home through your camera. You could also take photos and text or email them to us.


Is technology not your thing? We can schedule a very quick appointment to view your home while masking and maintaining social distance. You can be the one to open all the door handles and flip all the light switches, so we don’t touch a thing.


Committed to helping you sell your home safely and easily during a pandemic, we’re here to help. Call to find out how.