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We buy condemned houses. But what does it mean when a property is condemned? Why would we buy them and what do we do with them?

What Is A Condemned Property?

A condemned status is when the local government judges property to be unsafe or unfit to live in. Ontario’s Building Code Act, Section 15.9(2) describes an unsafe building as:

“(a)  structurally inadequate or faulty for the purpose for which it is used; or

(b)  in a condition that could be hazardous to the health or safety of persons in the normal use of the building, persons outside the building or persons whose access to the building has not been reasonably prevented.”

UNSAFE DO NOT ENTER sign in front of condemned house

Municipal inspectors who find a building unsafe will issue an “order setting out the reasons the building is unsafe and the remedial steps necessary to render the building safe and may require the order to be carried out within the time specified in the order.”

What does that mean?

Municipal Bylaws dictate when to permit inspections and orders and what happens throughout the process. In London, Ontario, the process begins after a home has been vacant for 30 days. Before anyone can live in the home again, they must fix all the deficiencies listed in the order.

In most cities, condemned properties are usually buildings that are extremely dilapidated, damaged or deteriorated. Risks include potential collapse, fire hazards, infestation, and other health hazards. They may lack water, electricity, and heat. Typically, owners and residents abandoned and no longer maintained the buildings.

But other scenarios include fire or weather events that resulted in damage causing the structure to be inadequate and therefore deemed unsafe. In other cases, the homeowner attempted to renovate the property but upon inspection; they deemed it unsafe.

We Buy Condemned Properties

It takes a lot of work to fix a condemned property. These projects are not for first-timers real estate investors. They present challenges even for seasoned professionals.

Bringing a condemned or problem property up to code takes a large amount of time, money, and skill. The home usually needs plumbing, HVAC services, electrical work, and more. But MJS Properties can handle the challenge.

bringing condemned house up to code

MJS Properties in Action

Purchased, renovated, and sold condemned property.

See the Before and After

Why Do We Buy Condemned Houses?

Our mission is always to help. We like to think we are fixers, not flippers. We fix homes AND situations. And we have the skills to make that happen.

Financial Issues

If repairs are too much for a homeowner to manage, they may be at risk of losing the home. Should the government cover the cost of emergency repairs, they may place a lien on the property to recover expenses. 

This is not the same situation as Eminent Domain, known as expropriation legislation in Canada). In that situation, local authorities can seize private property if they determine they need it for public use.

Time Challenges

If your house is condemned because of a fire or weather incident but insurance won’t cover all necessary repairs, or it will take too long, you may need to sell your condemned home. 

condemned house with boarded up windows

We’re Here to Help

When you want to sell your house fast, contacting a private home buyer who can pay cash is usually the quickest option. But if you are trying to sell a condemned house, a cash offer might be your only option. 

If your home is condemned, the bank can not issue a mortgage for the property, so home buyers must use private lenders for financing. When a home is condemned, it is difficult to insure and risk further loss.

Buying houses in any condition is what we do. But we specialize in troubled properties. Call us first before contacting a real estate agent for free advice.

Learn more about how to choose the RIGHT private home buyer.