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The care and compassion Matt has for people, property and possessions is the perfect combination you need at a time like this.

We understand when
things are tough

MJS Properties will buy your home quickly and discreetly, in any condition, to help solve almost any situation. These are just some of the ways we have helped people sell their homes saving time, money, and hassles. Let us buy your home privately for cash.

  • Death in the family and left with estate inheritance including property?
  • Is your mortgage or financial troubles forcing the sale of your house?
  • Struggling with Divorce, family, or legal troubles?
  • Need to downsize and feeling overwhelmed?
  • Has your home been significantly damaged?
  • Struggling with difficult tenants or no longer able to manage the rentals?
  • Just want a hassle-free sale?
  • Avoiding a messy complicated renovation?
  • Suffering from health problems and need to relocate?
  • Relocating and need to move faster than you anticipated?
  • Live out of area and need local assistance?
  • Property Investment Losing You Money?
  • Need fast or flexible closing date?

Just Some Ways We Can Help

There are countless reasons why people need to sell their properties.  We can help you transition to whatever chapter is next in your lives stress free and with ease.

Death/Estate Sale

Inherited a home but making decisions is difficult because of grief?


Need to sell your home and don’t have money for cleaning and repairs?


Having trouble working together and want this behind you?


Overwhelmed with contents and don’t know where to begin?


Trying to sell a home that’s not even fit to live in let alone sell?


How much work does your home need to make it attractive?

Difficult Tenants

Tired of being the landlord but not sure how to get out?


Need to sell because of a new or lost job? Are you trying to manage the sale of a home in another city?

Drama Free & Fast

Want to avoid the inconvenience of preparing and showing your home to strangers? Looking for quicky and easy?

We know how to help. Here is what our clients are saying.

“When my kids inherited their Dad’s house it was a mess. I only wish I knew about MJS Properties then. It could have saved them so much time and heartache when dealing with their grief and everything else.”

Concerned Mom

Death / Estate Sale

Losing a loved one is difficult. I understand. I lost my dad, and it hurts. If you need to sort out how to handle an inherited property and all its contents while your mourning, that can be overwhelming. We have helped many in this situation so they don’t have to worry about all the little details. Instead, they can focus on honouring the ones they have lost and move forward.

When a property owner passes away, it is important to know how the property is titled which determines who owns what.  It helps the executor and beneficiaries make decisions with minimal conflict during an already trying time. It is crucial that the title and the property’s standing in a will is clear. 

If you are the executor of a will, one of the most important duties you have is to oversee the assets. The biggest of these assets is usually the property, whether it’s the primary residence, second homes, or vacation properties. The executor has the authority to take possession of both the assets and liabilities of the property and distribute them to the beneficiaries according to the wishes outlined in the will. It’s up to the executor to secure the property, get it properly appraised, and try to prevent it from losing its value. The property is first registered in the executor’s name through a process called transmission. After this, it is registered by the executor in the names of the beneficiaries in a transfer. The executor must administer the estate in a timely manner and act in the best interests of all the beneficiaries. 

To start, the executor should: 

  • Make sure the estate is insured.
  • If it is a rental property, try and get the most income from rent.
  • Pay all the debts and taxes before distributing the property to the beneficiaries.
  • Sell the asset for the fair market price if needed.

That’s where we can offer assistance. We can make you a fair offer for the home exactly the way it is without any added effort to clean or repair the home. What you may find even more helpful is taking care of any unwanted contents so you can just take what you want and leave the rest behind.

Invite MJS Properties to work with the executor of an estate to clear up any confusion and help deal with obligations related to inherited property in a timely and fair manner to ensure the estate earns the right value. We care and are here to help.

Debt: It is more common than you think

You are definitely not alone. We understand the complications of significant debt and can help create a solution that works for you. Let us be your life preserver.

If selling your home is part of the plan to get your head above water, we can help make that happen quickly before any more payments are due. And don’t worry about any additional expense to clean or make repairs. It is more than likely maintenance may not have been possible due to financial troubles. We will buy your house exactly the way it is. It doesn’t matter what condition it is in now. We will take it off your hands and take care of all those expensive tasks necessary to sell on the traditional market. All you have to do is make your fresh start.

If a property you own is facing foreclosure or power of sale, don’t panic. Time is not on your side when you are facing financial challenges, but we are here to help. Reach out today.


Let go of some of your stress

A home or property is most likely the largest joint asset you share with your spouse. This makes it difficult if you need to divvy it up in divorce proceedings. Your personal situation can complicate the final decision:

  • Should you sell the home outright?
  • Should you buy the other person out?
  • Should you co-own it as an income property?

These decisions are made after considering many factors and every situation is unique. There are many costs you must clear up before any profits can be divided like the mortgage, equity line, second mortgage. You might also have to pay any capital gains tax that apply.

Matt Scott can help make sense of your obligations, helping you find a solution that eases the difficulties during this stressful time. He knows how to work with sensitivity and efficiency so that his clients get the most money out of their investment despite the difficult circumstances. One of the benefits of selling your home privately is just that, privacy. In addition, it could be worthwhile not to have to worry about handling the tasks of cleaning, repairs and upgrades together before the house is sold.  Save time, money and hassles in an already stressful time and reach out to MJS Properties.

There are endless reasons homeowners need to downsize.

Maybe you are an empty nester with too much house. Maybe your health is deteriorating, and you can’t keep up with your home’s maintenance and cleaning requirements. Maybe it is time to move into a long-term care facility. Maybe there is a deeper mental health issue like hoarding making the house unfit for living.

Too much stuff?

The longer someone was in their home, the more belongings they are likely to have accumulated. Each one holds a story or a memory. It can be daunting and emotional to figure out what to do with everything inside the house. And then there's the additional cleaning or updates required to get the home ready to list on the market.

Perhaps there is a more serious issue, and the resident suffers from hoarding, a mental illness that requires professional help. The home can be crammed with personal belongings and garbage to the point you can barely move inside. It may have fallen into disrepair for fear of strangers entering and can even reach the point of becoming hazardous. These homes are almost impossible to sell and the work required is overwhelming not to mention the extent of issues that are often discovered after the house is empty.

We respect your possessions

It is in these types of situations where MJS shines. Matt offers sensitivity and compassion to ensure a smooth transition in difficult and unusual situations. If you choose to sell your house to Matt, you can be certain he will treat you like family and the house as if it was his childhood home. He will breathe new life into it with modern adjustments while keeping some of the character of the house for its next chapter that you can be proud of.

We can do the work

Let MJS Properties take a look at your home. This can be done virtually if you like. We will provide a fair, no-obligation, cash offer that can include packing, moving, cleaning, repairs and upgrades. We can do some of the work or all of the work depending on your needs and will happily explain what each step of the process entails in the offer.

Damaged or maybe even condemned?

We will buy it.

Ontario is known for extreme weather and accidents certainly happen! If you are in a situation where your home has been seriously damaged by storm or accident, it can be tough to sell and expensive to repair. Reach out to MJS Properties to take those worries away and give yourself a fresh start. We have the construction expertise to know how to assess damaged homes and can walk you through options available to you to make an informed decision.

Your property may already be dilapidated from years of abandonment. Perhaps you started renovations only to uncover some serious structural issues that are beyond your abilities. Often in these situations, the home can’t be insured, and few banks will be willing to offer a mortgage due to the condition of the home. We can take it off your hands quickly and eliminate the burden of bringing it back to life.

Condemned or Problematic? What’s the difference?

Condemned Houses

There are some major differences between problem and condemned properties. A condemned property is one that the government has taken over from a private owner when it has been deemed abandoned or unsafe for living. Other factors that may contribute to a house being condemned include:

  • House has been vacant for a long period of time. This process can begin as early as 30 days.
  • A home inspector discovers problems that make the house unsafe to live in.
  • Utilities to the home have been discontinued.
Meeting Compliance

The homeowner will have to make changes to bring the property into compliance with the municipal codes and by-laws. Once it has successfully passed inspection, it can have its condemned status lifted. Changes required could include any or all of the following depending on how long the house has been in disrepair:

  • Plumbing
  • Heating and cooling
  • Hot water
  • Lighting
  • Ventilation
  • Electrical
  • Hidden problems in walls, foundation, and flooring
  • Pest removal
  • Asbestos
Problem Houses

Some homes, while in a state of disrepair, aren’t condemned by the city. These are known as problem properties which can have a negative impact on otherwise nice neighbourhoods.  A problem property is one that has had multiple complaints against it for different bylaw infractions. Most often, this is because the owners do not take care of it. It will be in better shape than a condemned property, but it will still need work to bring the property up to code and make it livable for another family.

Can you see the dollar signs racking up?

Reach out to MJS Properties to have a look at what you are dealing with and provide an overview of what is likely needed. They can  provide a fair, no-obligation offer for the house removing the responsibility, risk, and expense of revitalizing the home yourself.

Outdated house unable to compete with more modern homes on the market?

We buy houses in any condition. No cleaning or decluttering required at all. No repairs and no upgrades necessary. Just take what you want and leave what you don’t. We’ll take care of the rest.

If you want to sell your home traditionally, buyers are going to compare your home to brand new homes in brand new subdivisions. To compete, many homeowners are faced with a long list of repairs, updates and sometimes significant upgrades. This can be expensive and time consuming. While you may think you are getting top dollar for your home after these projects are completed, are you really ending up with more money? How much money did it cost and how many weekends did you lose doing it? Why not skip that step and sell your home without lifting a finger? Our fair offer is no doubt very close to what you would net after cleaning and repair expenses and its done and over with so you can move on.

Difficult Tenants have you beating your head against the wall?

Perhaps you have tenants who refuse to pay rent, are continually damaging your property, or have scared other tenants away leaving you with vacant units. Is the cost and time to maintain and repair the units not worth the income you are earning on run down units? Are you ready to move on from a challenging investment but don’t want the hassle?  It’s time to reach out to MJS Properties to pass the baton to us.

No need to inconvenience tenants for showings or risk them sabotaging the deal while a real estate agent brings prospective buyers through the home. No cleaning, repairs or upgrades necessary. We buy as-is for cash with a closing date that works for you or any lease expirations to accommodate the landlord and tenant laws of Ontario. We partner with reputable real estate lawyers to ensure the process is followed to the letter of the Landlord and Tenant Act and details are stipulated in the purchase agreement.

Distance Proving to be Difficult?

Are you forced to sell your home because of your career? Perhaps that promotion means you need to relocate. Maybe you weren’t so lucky and lost your job. Now you need to move elsewhere for a new position or to cut costs. These are stressful times without worrying about all the moving pieces involved with selling your home – especially if it has to happen quickly.

Perhaps you need to sell a home in another area.  Staying on top of all the moving pieces of preparing and selling your home from a distance can put you in a vulnerable position.  Travel expenses can prove to be expensive and inconvenient.

No matter what shape your home is in, we can help. Lots to do? Reassign that long list of tasks to us. No cleaning, no repairs. Just sell as is. Decide what you want to take with you and leave the rest to us. We are happy to help make transitioning to your next chapter a lot simpler. Even if there isn’t much to do to prepare your home for sale, moving can be expensive. Save the fees and commissions required when listing your home and let us buy your home for cash. We aren’t interested in selling the house for you. We want to buy it from you and have the resources to make that happen on your terms.

Drama Free & Fast

It is a seller’s dream to decide to sell their home, find a buyer with an acceptable offer in a short period of time with little to no effort required. No hassle, no problems, no extra time or money required.

Even if your house is in great condition in a great neighbourhood, it will still need minor cosmetic work to get it ready to sell the traditional way. This takes time and money. Then there is the additional challenge of keeping your home clean and ready for whenever a potential buyer wishes to view the property. When it’s sold, you must wait for the closing date. Hopefully, it lines up close to when you take possession of your new home or you will be faced with a lot of duplicate expenses.

Consider MJS Properties the “easy button” of selling your home quickly. We will make a fair, no-obligation offer for your home and then take care of any cosmetic improvements needed to get it ready for sale. Take what you want, leave the rest, and walk away on your timeline.

“I'm so glad you bought this property and are restoring it to its former glory. This was my former childhood home, and I can’t tell you how much it means to me that it wasn’t just torn down”

Oil Springs, ON

“I was heartbroken when I first admitted that I needed to sell my house. There was a lot of work to do and I was completely overwhelmed with all the stuff in the house I had to deal with before even worrying about what other cleaning or repairs would be required. My cancer treatments made it impossible to handle myself. You were the solution I was looking for. I still love my house but it’s no longer right for me. I can’t wait to see you bring your vision to reality.”

London, ON

Solve Any Situation

Solve Any Situation

Solve Any Situation

Solve Any Situation

Solve Any Situation

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We Can Help

We Can Help

We Can Help

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